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Selfless Heroes - Trò chơi lập trình ( confirm hay)
Ging 29.04.2020 / 06:28
Chả là game này mình thấy ở top game trong snap store nên tải về chơi thử, nhận ra game liên quan đến lập trình giới thiệu cho mọi người.

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Giới thiệu game ở steam (tiếng anh)

Seize control of a team of selfless heroes sharing the same artificial intelligence. Design their AI and get them to work together to solve puzzles. Test your algorithm, optimize it, and emerge victorious from the dungeon!

If you love logic and puzzles, you’ll love this challenging game. But there’s no need to be a programmer, just learn as you go, and discover the wonderful world of parallel programming, all to a background of soothing music.

63 puzzles of increasing difficulty
5 bosses to put your logic to the test
Over 30 hours of play
Learn to code like a real programmer
Already a programmer? Well, optimize your code and challenge yourself to achieve all the secondary objectives!

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